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What to expect

Application features

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    Format conversion

    Customer sends files in structured format from own systems to ediEX. File is converted to standard format compliant with all digital channels. ediEX checks which digital channel the consumer or corporate is available in, the file is sent via these channels.

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    Invoice template management

    Customer portal: enables self-serviced changes to templates. “Dynamic zones”: give customers flexibility to change invoice content without changing template. Different “zones”: enable message customization between groups, product types, business, consumers and geography

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    Real-time dashboard

    Portal shows which documents are sent, in which channels, at what time. Offers role-based access control system. Full audit history available Designed to allow high degree of self-service. Provides data analysis via embedded business intelligence solution.

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    Payments processed in ediEX can be stored in a digital archive. Accessible to customer through ediEX graphical web interface. Payments and documents can be made available as PDF through the ediEX archive or distributed to the customer’s own archive.

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    Master invoice

    Enables special invoicing functions for customers with multiple premises or accounts. Functionalities include combining two or more separate payments for related products or services into one invoice.

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    Ensure incoming and outgoing invoices are accurately sourced and matched across payment merchant. Payment is pulled from the consumer’s bank account and biller reconciles with the invoice identification number. ediEX also offers advanced reporting tools to reconcile open invoices.

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