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ediEX is the market leading invoice and payment platform in the Nordics. Our platform will help your company reduce costs and improve the customer experience by enabling payments in the preferred channels. To improve cash flow you have to ensure payments. And to do that you have to offer your customers all relevant payment channels.

FlexPay is an add-on service to ediEX, and it is an efficient solution for smart payment in all digital interfaces.

How can FlexPay help you to improve cash flow? FlexPay gives your company a toolbox with products to enhance the customer payment experience. To mention some of the main features, FlexPay will digitalize the payment experience, it will minimize the friction of paying bills, increase sales with seamless user experiences, customize the subscription service and provide a smooth payment set-up.

How it works

Through FlexPay we make it possible to send a link to a responsive and tailored landing page in an SMS, email, or in your company app. This provides great benefits for both the company and your customers.

FlexPay offers a customizable landing page, which is simple to use, with various payment options. All interfaces are supported, e.g. mobile, tablet, and desktop. We support both one-off payments and enrolments to recurring payments.

Your customer gets an SMS with a landing page with all available payment options

Direct payments

FlexPay Direct Payment is a customer-friendly way of facilitating one-off payments. It makes customer collection of unpaid invoices simple and efficient. The main feature is to collect outstanding balances in a swift and orderly way.

With FlexPay Dierct Payments you can:

  • Distribute invoices with a payment link for direct payments via debit or credit cards
  • Interact with customers and chase unpaid invoices through a user-friendly interface to improve cashflow
  • Collect payments for products and services that need to be paid for before customer activation


FlexPay Enrolments will help you generate recurring revenues with a simpler customer onboarding process. By enrolling customers in their preferred distribution channels and create recurring payments, you will align the purchase and the payment in a swift and orderly way, as well as set up a subsequent payment schedule that will increase the payment rate.

FlexPay Enrolments handles both mobile payment applications and a wide range of card issuers.

  • Seamless user experience
  • Increased customer loyalty
  • Increased conversion rate
  • Reduced churn

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