New products

New products

Hi there!

We are excited to inform you about the upcoming release of ediEX (11/12-2021). You will soon experience a new look and feel of the ediEX GUI. We are updating the customer interface with a new look and color scheme. The ediEX GUI solution will have the same familiar functionality, tools, and layout. We believe that this update will enhance the user experience and make it even easier to have full control of your invoice-and document distribution. Please enjoy the new look!

In other news, we have also done updates to two of our products FlexPay portfolio. With better functionality and design, our enrollment and payment products will now improve the customer experience and enhance payment capabilities: 

Recurring card

Recurring card provides a way of charging the customer on a regular basis, for example a monthly subscription. The amount in the charge can either be fixed or variable. EDIGard uses Nets Easy as an integrator for recurring card. The user adds card details at the start, Easy stores necessary card details and ediEX conduct the recurring payments as described by the issuer.

MobilePay Subscription

MobilePay is a payment app on IOS/Android in Denmark and Finland. The user connects their mobile phone number to their card/bank account. Recurring invoices can be delivered to MobilePay and this offers an alternative to existing distribution channels, handling subscriptions, like newspaper subscriptions etc.

If you like more information, please contact us.