Extensive range of payment options tailored for ediEX to enhance the customer payment experience

What to expect

Payment features

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  • A customer friendly way of facilitating one-off payments

    FlexPay Direct Payments is an additional service to ediEX and is an efficient tool for collection of one-off payments. It makes customer collection of unpaid invoices simple and efficient. Direct Payments handles both mobile payment applications and a wide range of card types.

  • Generating recurring revenue with a simple customer onboarding process

    Enroll customers to their preferred distribution channels and create recurring payments. FlexPay Enrolments is a swift and effortless way of aligning the purchase with the payment as well as to set up a subsequent payment schedule. Recurring payments also increase customer loyalty and satisfaction and can have a positive effect on churn. Handles both mobile payment applications and a wide range of card types.

  • Communicate with customers in an efficient and effective way

    Maintaining and strengthening a valuable customer relationship means communicating news and updates in an effective way. FlexPay Messaging is an ideal product to inform customers about policy changes, license updates, changes in rates or fees or just notification about upcoming events that can affect the customers situation. With or without a payment gateway

The specs

Our technical solution

ediEX is a fast implemented, tailored solution adapting to your systems and your data source. Implementation takes six to eight weeks depending in complexity. There is no need for massive changes in your IT systems.

Solution highlights

  • Handles wide range of payment applications and card issuers
  • Comprehensive coverage of payments acceptance
  • Seamless integrations and connections
  • Generates a payment link based on the invoice data from the customer
  • Digital onboarding can be initiated through several channels
  • Provides tools for simple marketing or sales campaigns

Key benefits for billers

  • Digitalize the customer payment experience
  • Minimize friction of paying bills
  • Increase sales with seamless user experiences
  • Reach customers where they prefer
  • Customize subscriptions services and provide a smooth payment setup
  • Take distribution one step further
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